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New Allies!!
May 8, 10 10:04 PM
Seige Wars!!
May 1, 10 8:53 PM
Guild Rules posted
Apr 29, 10 3:49 AM
New Topic in Help/Advice
Apr 20, 10 6:48 AM
New Post in General Discussion
Mar 31, 10 7:27 PM
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Welcome to the Highlanders Web Portal!

Welcome to all who have decided to join us here and on Runes of Magic. Please feel free to browse around the site to get more comfortable with it. Our guild rules are posted on our forum for you to look at as well. We will be posting a lot of information within these pages about the guild and the game to help any who has the dedication to put into the guild. We value our active members' participation and should you have any questions feel free to contact any leader within our ranks. Happy hunting Highlanders!!


New Allies!!

Ninaereth, May 8, 10 10:04 PM.
We have allied ourselve with Shadowofwinter a level 9 guild. you will recognize a familiar face in their guild...which was completely coinidental...Kadastran was part of their guild and introduced me to their guildleader. they offer quest help, including instances, and reduced trade rates. Respect them as you would any in our own ranks, and together we can help each other grow stronger.

Seige Wars!!

Ninaereth, May 1, 10 8:53 PM.
I posted a post about the seige wars in our forums for our members to view. it explains a little bit about it and is worth reading.

Guild Rules posted

Ninaereth, Apr 29, 10 3:49 AM.
I have posted a list of guild rules within the general discussion of our forums, all new and old member please review these asap.

New Topic in Help/Advice

Ninaereth, Apr 20, 10 6:48 AM.
I have added a topic for Macros and posted a simple list of commands that are used in creating of many useful macros. I have created quite a few myself so you can always ask me for help in game with setting something up

New Post in General Discussion

Ninaereth, Mar 31, 10 7:27 PM.
i found some valuable info in the frogster forums and posted it here in ours for easy access

Transmutor Help

Ninaereth, Mar 21, 10 8:32 PM.
I added a forum for transmuter help in the Help and Advice section thanks for adding that Tithas.

New Forum Group all thanks to Tithas

Razghoul247, Mar 19, 10 2:26 PM.
Help and Advice the new forum is now open!!! All due to Tithas and his 2 great boss advice postings that are now their own threads in Help and Advice.

Ninaereth, make sure he gets his bag of cookies for such a great contribution to the site!!

More Updates...

Ninaereth, Mar 15, 10 6:32 AM.
I have removed our information about bug fixes from the guild announcements ingame and placed them into the forum under general discussion. Please post other fixes you may know of there as well

New Poll

Ninaereth, Mar 15, 10 6:30 AM.
We are trying our best to better organize now for our members to advance quickly with the build of the new site so the new poll is...What day is best for you to be able to run instances with the rest of the guild? take the poll to find out what others have said.

First Poll

Ninaereth, Mar 12, 10 9:44 PM.
I took the privilege of posting our first poll.
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